Thursday, October 9, 2008


We are proud to offer you financing on all
Ruesch UTV'S
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Authorized Ruesch Dealer

The Ruesch Motor Company is out to make a big splash in the utv market. Fox shocks are now standard equipment on all XRL Models and Elka shock is coming on board and will start producing custom shocks as another option for you. Ranch Suspension is also considering producing a shock option and other accessories. Big Companies with great reputations are attaching their names to this utv. Do you think they would risk their reputations on a “fly-by-night” company. I don’t think they would take that chance.

RUESCH Dealers Training

Quality control is the key in any manufacturing process. James Ruesch is on site, at the factory, supervising the entire operation, ensuring a quality product.

Memorial Weekend

Saturday, May 24, 2008

ASC Sponsors 2008 Moab UTV Rally

ASC Test Pilot Sadie brought the "Girl Power" and dominated the rocks!!

Derrick the youngest ASC Test Pilot had no trouble negotiating any of the obstacles.

Reggie & Chris from Georgia tackled the rocks with us on two different trails.

The BFG street tires preformed extremely well on the Moab rocks

Curt was the tail gunner on most of our rides and made sure no one got left behind.

Last day, last ride all of our guides and new friends can't wait to ride with all of you again soon.

Jack was born and raised in Moab. His good spirits kept us laughing all week and we thank him for letting us use his shop for repairs.

Our guide Cory and his lovely wife Michelle leading Moab rim trail on day one.

Cory & Gabe were official guides and knew the trails like the back of their hand.

Cap and Denise were a pleasure to ride with hope to run in to them again.

Mike from California experienced some new terrain in Moab, and by the end of the weekend he was a season veteran.

Martin, whom we meet at 2007's rally, had is new "army jeep" RZR ready to tackle the trails

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We've Moved

We've moved.
Please drop in and take a look at our new store.
We're at 9192 w. Cactus Rd, #B in Peoria now.
Our new location is much easier to get to, right off the 101, and we've got acre's of parking.
Plenty of room for your truck & trailer to get in & out.
Our show room is much more "shopper" friendly, with new inventory added daily.
Take a moment to stop in and say hello, we're waiting for you!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Our new website is up & running!!!
We're very excited for you take a look at it.
Totally re-designed to make your shopping easier. All new graphics, more exciting photos, and more products than ever before.
We have also added new catagories, we now offer quad & motorcycle accessories, camping & hunting products, stereos to fishing boats, we have everything you need to make your day ride, or a full weekend of camping more enjoyable.
We have "introductory" pricing on many items, and super pricing on our all new quad section until the end of April.

Please take a moment to browse thru and take advantage of the savings I'm offering you. Don't forget to check back often, we are adding new products everyday, as fast as we can.
If you don't see it, send an e-mail. I'll make every effort to add it as soon as possible, or I'll find and get it to you.
Keep an eye out for our "truck & jeep" section coming soon.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback, comments, or ideas(good or bad) you may have to make it even better.

Thank you,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

President's Day Weekend

Presidents Day weekend 2008, we headed out on one of our favorite trails in the Bradshaw Mountains, just North of Phoenix.
I love this area, especially this time of year.
We've had a decent amount of rain, and all the cactus were blooming, lots of greenery, and all the colors of the desert just look deeper, richer, more alive.
Our trail doesn't waste any time getting to the good stuff.
Within minutes we had our first water crossing, much deeper than I've seen in years. With a little discussion, we picked the deepest route, wouldn't you?
We then immediately rose in elevation for 50 mile views.
The trail never gets boring, lots of long hill climbs, off-camber & narrow passes, and 8 or 10 water crossings. We all lost track. We should have brought our waders with us.
After roughly 20 or so miles we come to the major hi-lite of the trip, Cleator.
Cleator is a 100 year old "ghost town", I use that term loosly, as the year-round residents will argue that fact.
The Cleator bar is full of locals that make you feel like you've stepped back to the early 1900's, gold miners, ranchers, and just plain "good-ol-boys. This is a must see destination if you're ever in our neck of the woods.I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I'll be happy to give directions to Cleator the next time you get thisty for the "old days", or maybe a tall cool frosty one.