Wednesday, February 20, 2008

President's Day Weekend

Presidents Day weekend 2008, we headed out on one of our favorite trails in the Bradshaw Mountains, just North of Phoenix.
I love this area, especially this time of year.
We've had a decent amount of rain, and all the cactus were blooming, lots of greenery, and all the colors of the desert just look deeper, richer, more alive.
Our trail doesn't waste any time getting to the good stuff.
Within minutes we had our first water crossing, much deeper than I've seen in years. With a little discussion, we picked the deepest route, wouldn't you?
We then immediately rose in elevation for 50 mile views.
The trail never gets boring, lots of long hill climbs, off-camber & narrow passes, and 8 or 10 water crossings. We all lost track. We should have brought our waders with us.
After roughly 20 or so miles we come to the major hi-lite of the trip, Cleator.
Cleator is a 100 year old "ghost town", I use that term loosly, as the year-round residents will argue that fact.
The Cleator bar is full of locals that make you feel like you've stepped back to the early 1900's, gold miners, ranchers, and just plain "good-ol-boys. This is a must see destination if you're ever in our neck of the woods.I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I'll be happy to give directions to Cleator the next time you get thisty for the "old days", or maybe a tall cool frosty one.


sNic said...

You mean you really didn't ride up to Crown King??? That's where the high lights are! ;) Glad you had a good, safe ride!
Nicole ~ Max Air Products

Fishbonescustoms said...

What a great trip the desert is just beautiful this time of year looking forward to another great adventure. Rick, Debb, Sadie and Derrick