Saturday, May 24, 2008

ASC Sponsors 2008 Moab UTV Rally

ASC Test Pilot Sadie brought the "Girl Power" and dominated the rocks!!

Derrick the youngest ASC Test Pilot had no trouble negotiating any of the obstacles.

Reggie & Chris from Georgia tackled the rocks with us on two different trails.

The BFG street tires preformed extremely well on the Moab rocks

Curt was the tail gunner on most of our rides and made sure no one got left behind.

Last day, last ride all of our guides and new friends can't wait to ride with all of you again soon.

Jack was born and raised in Moab. His good spirits kept us laughing all week and we thank him for letting us use his shop for repairs.

Our guide Cory and his lovely wife Michelle leading Moab rim trail on day one.

Cory & Gabe were official guides and knew the trails like the back of their hand.

Cap and Denise were a pleasure to ride with hope to run in to them again.

Mike from California experienced some new terrain in Moab, and by the end of the weekend he was a season veteran.

Martin, whom we meet at 2007's rally, had is new "army jeep" RZR ready to tackle the trails

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