Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Our favorite trail, "The Bumble Bee run", north of Phoenix, is a great ride.
The terrain varies, has a few challenging spots, and each time we go out, everything is different, always changing.
When it rains or snows farther north, the run-off flows thru this area, and causes the every changing terrain to always make for an exciting trail ride.
As you can see, there was quite a bit of water flowing, there are roughly 12 water crossing, depending on the amount of run-off.
We call this the "Celebrity" run because our good friends and customers, Matt Thornton & J.J Putz were along for the ride. Matt pitches for the Chicago White Sox, and J.J pitches for the Seattle Mariners. Both are great guys, and I'm hoping they will soon get me the "bat boy" job I've been bugging them about!!!
Back to the trail, never a dull moment on this one, you'll be riding at the tops of the mountains looking down into valleys with flowing water and massive rock formations. A few minutes later you're in the valleys you just saw from the top.
There are a lot of old mines, and stone cabins to check out, keep your eye peeled or you can miss a lot of cool things to see.
The water was unusually deep this trip, always be careful when doing a water crossing, doesn't take much water to push you down stream, you CAN get in a bunch of trouble quickly. Never do this trail alone, you may need a good tug of the old strap in a few places.
You can "blow" thru this trail in a couple hours, or make a full day of it if your not in a big hurry.
The trail ends in a "living" ghost town called Cleator. Stop in and check out 100+ year saloon, you'll be glad you did.
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