Sunday, January 4, 2009


Finally, we get a chance to test ride the new Arctic Cat Prowler 1000cc utv.
The new engine is a 951cc v-twin box of dynamite, and Yea, it’s a hemi!!
The low end “grunt” of this engine will defiantly put that big ‘ol grin on your face. Punch it and it roars to life, more get up & go than any utv we’ve ridden, it even blows away many of the “hopped-up” utv’s out there.
I hammered the throttle and hit a top speed of 65 mph in no time at all.
The power is what we’ve been hoping for. We love it when we can power-thru a tight turn, or drift in a big sweeper. Just roll on the throttle, the rear breaks loose in a very predictable manner.
Ever jump your utv and have the rear end “buck-up” on you? Sure you have.
With Prowlers new found gonads, just “burp” the throttle before the jump, and it’s got the giddy up to to keep the front pointed skyward, resulting in smoother, safer & “professional” looking landings.
I believe the engine had a few more miles per hour to give me, but we ran out of road and had to get on the “binders”.
Speaking of “binders”, the new outboard disc brakes really outshine the previous models system. If your gonna go faster, it’s nice to be able to stop. I’m sure you’ll agree.
The parking brake has also been changed, to a more “automotive” style. Much easier to use, with a more positive & secure feeling to it.
The clutches have been re-done, different weights & rollers to work better with the new found power. This seemed to work flawlessly for us, but we can’t leave anything alone. We are working on a few clutch options as we speak.
The suspension work well with the speeds we are now capable of. With a full 10 inches of ground clearance, and 10” of travel, we rode over and soaked up all but the harshest bumps & dips on the trails. The gas charged shocks seem to work a lot better than previous years also.
We didn’t get to spend as much time on the Prowler as we’d like to have (we never do), but in the short time we had, we were impressed.
I’ very impressed that Arctic Cat didn’t just dump a bigger power plant in and call it quits. They made really good improvements to the entire machine to handle all the speed & power, and you can stop it.

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